Using default. it errors out before it even gets to the username and password. stdout RTNETLINK answers: File exists BTW – I’m Jeremy, not the site owner ‘Jimmy’ it might be bound to, or to only an ipv4, or only an ipv6 address, rir something. On the Volume tab, you can add a mapping from a File/Folder on your NAS to the Mount Path ‘/data/watch’. This site can’t be reached192.168.1.201 refused to connect everytime. What do you see? So I downloaded the expressvpn opvn file set the expressvpn opvn file to /etc/openvpn/expressvpn/default.opvn similar to the resolv.conf file. Back in Docker, the image should be done downloading now. A few years ago, a close friend of mine was hit with a subpoena claiming that his unsecured WiFi network was used to illegally pirate movies. Download Now Release Notes Previous Releases. I followed everything step by step to set up Transmission with OpenVPN (NordVPN) on my new Synology 920+ and it worked like a charm. I would potentially just remove the SSH step and replace it with “create txt files with Synology Text Editor” as that is the only step that I had to research further. I am using PIA, same as you. To verify Transmission is working as intended, visit and download the test torrent file. Not at all. My laptop is connected to the router (Asus device) via wifi, and I have no issues accessing the other services in the NAS (file sharing, DSM, etc). Could you explain the procedure after you get the .opvn file from the ExpressVPN website? /volume1/docker1/transmission-openvpn/ line 13: syntax error near unexpected token `fi’ Initially, when I followed your steps, the container starts up with an error saying error reading /etc/openvpn/expressvpn/default.opvn. i also added NORDVPN_CATEGORY=legacy_p2p and NORDVPN_COUNTRY=us still same error. Are you using sub domains or paths? ie. I got everything working. Thanks very much for this, it helped me quite a bit. If you decide to use a different VPN, this guide should still get you at least 95% of the way there. Mon Aug 10 03:10:30 2020 WARNING: –keysize is DEPRECATED and will be removed in OpenVPN 2.6, Mon Aug 10 03:10:30 2020 OpenVPN 2.4.7 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [LZ4] [EPOLL] [PKCS11] [MH/PKTINFO] [AEAD] built on Sep 5 2019, Mon Aug 10 03:10:30 2020 library versions: OpenSSL 1.1.1c 28 May 2019, LZO 2.10, I’m receiving the same error ‘Options error: In [CMD-LINE]:1: Error opening configuration file: /etc/openvpn/expressvpn/default.ovpn’. What happens? Enable auto-restart. Hi Jimmy, thanks so much for this detailed tutorial. Are you using syno’s DDNS or other? Is there any other way I can check what IP transmission is using?

I suspect it has something to do with needing to run a PIA script to enable port forwarding does it? Double check the naming of the TUN file if it has the full name with the extension: ‘’. Like!! The port 9091:9091 have been setup Feature Spotlight: Uses fewer resources than other clients; Native Mac, GTK+ and Qt GUI clients; Daemon ideal for servers, embedded systems, and headless use; All these can be remote controlled by Simply copy the folder name into the OPENVPN_PROVIDER variable. Thank you! Here we will configure connection to your server running Transmission daemon. This network is used for communication between containers, and out of the container. My VPN is boxvpn , so i using OPENVPN_PROVIDER=CUSTOM. With Transmission Remote GUI installed on your notebook or desktop computer you can easily control the Transmission daemon running on your server. I managed to get this up and running carefully following the instructions. Any idea what could be wrong? Do you know why the container lists two ports? Credit to other sources is provided where relevant. Also you could maybe add something about selecting a container port number, as the port automatically updates should the container restart, and this could be confusing to people wondering why they sudden can’t connect to the Transmission web browser at their original address. Check out their respective communities on Reddit or reach out to your VPN’s customer support for any additional steps. I get no response in the second box when i add the torrent to transmission. For NordVPN users: I have checked the file has the correct extension and it is in the /docker/transmission-openvpn folder. signed up to expressVPN, listening port was closed… no port forwarding on express. With container not running, you can go to the Container list in Docker, highlight this container and click on Edit. You should now be connected to your transmission docker container: 1. By default, Transmission has its own Web UI that you can access from your browser.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Just wanted to say thank you for producing this guide. 4.,,,,,,×522.png, In your root directory, create a folder named. What do you mean by that exactly? Add the resolv.conf file and the Downloads folder.5. Can someone direct me how to add them to this setup.

Create a Task to run the script on boot-up. But i can't seem to get the transmission reverse proxy working working. Hi Jimmy, sure, I copied the opvn file to the transmission-openvpn folder, and mapped the file to /etc/openvpn/expressvpn/default.ovpn similar to the step you did with the resolv.conf. As I have my files already more or less sorted in different folders, do I have an option to use multiple destinations for downloads/uploads in this setup? By default, Transmission has its own Web UI that you can access from your browser.

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With Transmission Remote GUI installed on your notebook or desktop computer you can easily control the Transmission daemon running on your server. Might be a firewall problem. 1. Many thanks! What are you using for a reverse proxy? Thanks for this guide. Note: boxpn and qbittorent with UFW work on a standard alone raspberry PI 3, when trying to view , i get a connection refused. Were you able to get it to work? Click OK, Transmission Remote GUI should now connect to your Transmission daemon.

I’m stuck where you are now, unable to access the UI. If everything worked properly, your browsing IP should be different than your Torrent IP.

However I encounter a syntax error when running, Standard output/error: The information on HTPC Guides is for educational purposes and only condones obtaining public domain content. No VPN configuration provided.

Execute container using high privilege, 2. Thanks to bricked3ds for sharing this on Reddit. I think I got this working now. seems to be the error in the logs i am getting before it crashes… any ideas? I had firewall rules for my home network, but needed to add one for Docker’s network bridge so that the container could call out to the internet, getting to a DNS to resolve the host name of the VPN server.

4. Running on a DS918+ Simply add torrents to Transmission and your downloads will appear in your Downloads folder when they are completed. 4. I’m wondering if you know how to solve this. I tried both port 30000 and 30001. On your Windows installation download the installer from the official Transmission Remote GUI page.

I got the container running, however, I am unable to access the UI with 30000/30001 ports. I also just tried to login via ssh and run as suggested by, the same problem still exists, 8/7/2020 19:33 stdout Options error: In [CMD-LINE]:1: Error opening configuration file: /etc/openvpn/nordvpn/default.ovpn, 8/7/2020 19:33 stdout Setting OPENVPN credentials…. But sincerely, this truly is a brilliant step by step guide.

5.5 Change the Local Ports from Auto to some unused port numbers. If the container is running, double check your NAS IP and the container ports. I have the same issue as Jimmy Le’s post on August 2020 at 12:43am except I was using NordVPN before switching to PIA. Regarding the 2) Port number, you should proceed based on your setup: Check 3) Authentication required as you should have a username and password configured to access Transmission Web GUI, you need to enter this under 4) User name and 5) Password. Hey Sim, sorry I didn’t get notified of these comments earlier! Ever since then, I’ve been an advocate for using VPNs to protect your privacy when browsing the web. Currently the enabled gateways that support port forwarding are: 1. It’s very helpful.

The public DNS servers do work: and, Extra tip: for a specific country, add a NORDVPN_COUNTRY environment variable, with value for example Denmark, Your email address will not be published. It is not the same as the SOCKS5 login if your VPN supports that. When I upgraded my storage solution to a NAS, one of the first settings I changed was to route my NAS internet through a VPN. What do you mean by that exactly? The Peer Listening port should say Open. A few items that may help others: The first time starting the container, I couldn’t get past the following error: Your container will go in a boot loop with a log error: “Error opening configuration file: /etc/openvpn/nordvpn/default.ovpn” Is this possible with Docker? What fixed this in my case was creating firewall rules for the IP range of the default bridge network used by the container.

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