He beat up the officers guarding him, vaulted the dock, and jumped onto the back of a waiting motorcycle. Tony Tucker ran a lucrative security business throughout Essex, employing bouncers for nightclubs and thereby providing a vehicle to channel his drug supply. More violence followed with an armed assault on the Tretton family believed to have been responsible for the death of Malcolm Walsh. So basically, they trusted people who hated them. Tate was in the back seat. Covid-19: Are We Experiencing Medical Martial Law.

He later surfaced in Spain and was sent to prison in Britain. Visit our.

As the drugs came in, Tucker, Tate, and Rolfe took more and more.

I walked out of the club on November 16, 1995, the night Leah Betts died. Three nobodies had become somebodies because the press deemed their deaths a good story.

The Essex Boys firm has had more films made about it than any other gang in British history. Turning ‘supergrass’ on his former partners granted Nicholls a reduced sentence of 15 months which he had already served on remand. But I wasn't the only one Tucker, Tate, and Rolfe had marked. The three dead men were heavily in debt—the Range Rover they died in was borrowed in a hire purchase agreement. When I told him I was encountering problems recruiting reliable doormen, he suggested we form a partnership. I wouldn’t take too much notice, the man’s got books he needs to sell. The gunman fired at Tucker, punching a 6.5 cm hole in his lower jaw. While Ricky Percival was given a life sentence, Damon Alvin, through giving evidence against him, evaded justice. “Bernard O’Mahoney knows the real story of what happened that night and the ensuing fallout and wants to put to rest the ghosts of those violent years, to see justice served for all and finally, to open the way for the truth to come out.”. In the first case in UK history, Damon Alvin was the defendant and a prosecution witness in the same murder trial. For anyone using logic and the evidence, it’s pretty obvious what happened and who did it. He'd made the right connections in prison, and knew a way we could bypass the local wholesalers and start importing drugs from Europe ourselves—cutting out all the middlemen. The murders of Pat Tate, Tony Tucker, and Craig Rolfe shocked a lot of people, but they impressed a whole lot more. Since the deaths of his former associates, O’Mahoney has attempted to portray the image that for some reason he was lucky he also wasn’t murdered that night. Malcolm Walsh led the pack alongside his partners Damon Alvin, Ricky Percival, and Steve ‘Nipper’ Ellis. Their personalities began to change. In trying to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, he began to tell police his version of what happened on that night six months previously. They knew who they were meeting and they were trusted. They went on a rampage, threatening everyone they encountered. The trio had planned to rob the cargo, but the whole thing turned out to be a baited hook. Nobody knows what happened to him. In December 2015 on the 20th anniversary of the Rettendon murders, Bernard O’Mahoney, a founding member of the Essex Boys firm and author of a tell-all book, reveals the truth of what happened on that December night. Then another. He was simply a doorman. Who really killed Tony Tucker, Pat Tate, and Craig Rolfe has since become one of the greatest mysteries in British criminal history.

While investigations and speculation on the evidence of Darren Nicholls continued, known players in Essex began to feud over the dead men’s turf. The Essex Boys were thieves, cowards, and murderers, but their kids deserve to know who killed them. Your email address will not be published. Leah Betts died after taking an ecstasy tablet purchased at Raquel’s nightclub where Bernard O’Mahoney ran the door.

I interviewed everyone involved for a book, The Final Word, which has now been made into a documentary. He also sets himself up as someone who knows the “truth” about their deaths.

The media attention and realization that a young girl had lost her life began to cause rifts between the men. In the world of gangs and drugs, this meant death threats and continued ruthless violence. According to Nicholls, he was the getaway driver for Michael Steele and Jack Whomes who he claims committed the murders. The death of 18-year-old Leah Betts in November 1995 brought a media storm to the town of Basildon in Essex with the activities of these men soon coming under the spotlight. Tate convinced Tucker that there was a lot of money to be made at Raquel's. Not long after, we met Pat Tate. It was organised by people in London, not Essex. They also had previous exchanges with former Essex Boy, Steve "Nipper" Ellis, who'd already tried to shoot Tate once. All three were cowards who beat women. He was well known in Essex after escaping from court while he was being sentenced for a robbery charge.

They ripped off a lot of people, particularly criminals from Canning Town, which isn’t a smart move even for the more “respected” criminal. Everyone who had met the three men had a motive to kill them. As their empire grew, further eruptions of violence saw Malcolm Walsh killed in 1998 in a ruthless attack in front of his own children, pushing Damon Alvin into retaliation. In Essex Boys: The Truth, the real story of what happened and the ensuing fallout is finally revealed. He doesn’t know what happened that night, only the 3 men who are now dead & the 2 killers know the identities of the people who pulled the triggers. Hence not tooled up. That's why I set about trying to end the torment. It was a brutal triple gangland murder that sent shockwaves through the local underground community.

In 1988, I took over security at a club called Raquel's in Basildon. Those three boys had a penchant for fucking people over and then not remembering who they fucked. He left the firm just two weeks before his former partners were found murdered inside their range rover. Working the doors of Essex nightclubs he soon began working with Tony Tucker and over time he became acquainted with the other players, Patrick Tate and Craig Rolfe. It’s only not obvious who did it, to the people who really want it to be a conspiracy. Do criminals freely decide to commit offences? Bouncers would control who could enter the clubs and sell the drugs, taking a portion of their profits in the process to feedback to Tucker. Rubbish, because if he did know the real identity of the killers, he would have had to divulge that information to the police or face charges. I really wish people would stop pushing O’Mahoney’ books as his ego is about as big as his stomach. Police claimed that they were murdered because they fell out with Steele over a shipment of cannabis from Holland, which proved unsellable. Charged with triple attempted murder for the attack on the Tretton family, Damon Alvin turned on his associate, Ricky Percival, accusing him of murdering Dean Boshell and being involved in the Tretton shooting. On 6 December 1995, three leading members of the Essex Boys gang, Tony Tucker, (38), Pat Tate, (37) and Craig Rolfe, (26) were found dead from gunshot wounds inside a range rover on a lane next to the A130 at Rettendon, Essex. These movies all follow the same format: the main characters are chipper, coke-snorting chappies who knock the shit our of their fellow human beings for the slightest perceived misdemeanor. Twenty years later, it's time to move on. Despite a number of appeals, Steele and Whomes remain in prison with another five years to serve before they can be considered for release. The truth about the Essex Boys firm is nothing like the films these ex-public schoolboys moonlighting as directors have made. Walking around the back of the vehicle, the second gunman aimed the shotgun at Tate, who was by now curled up in the fetal position and made no attempt to defend himself. Here’s why, Indian Trafficked Brides: The Stories of Three Women. It was a brutal triple gangland murder that sent shockwaves through the local underground community. They believed they were being shown a field were a light aircraft filled with cocaine was going to land.

I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Before the gun smoke had even cleared, rumors began circulating around Essex and beyond. One moment they would be laughing and joking, the next they would be plotting to murder someone they claimed had upset them. To say O’Mahoney was a “Founding Member” of the Essex Boys is rubbish & laughable. On December 6, 1995, three members of a gang now known as the Essex Boys were lured to a deserted farm track near Rettendon, England on the pretense of planning a robbery. Whoever met them, had a personal grudge, since shooting people in the face is a sign of hate and passion. The gunman finished off Tucker, then Rolfe, and then turned to his accomplice and invited him to shoot Tate. Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Another area of criminal behaviour that I find particularily fascinating! In the end it was drug smuggler Michael Steele and his associate Jack Whomes who were convicted of the Rettendon murders in January 1998. I believe the two they have in prison are the two who did the job, but I also believe that not everybody who was involved that night are in prison. Tate, was a nice enough individual, although extremely short tempered before he met Tucker. For two decades the victims' families have had to endure criminal appeals, books, newspaper investigations, documentaries, and films, all of which cast doubt on the guilt of the alleged killers of their loved ones. Billy and Eddie Blundell—two of the most notorious and powerful ganglords in Essex—had warned them that they'd end up dead. We were all products of the world that we inhabited.

What Should We Do With Teenage Psychopaths? Not even a smart street strategy.

He latched on to Tucker and the two of them would spend their days taking drugs, talking shit, and entertaining prostitutes. I needed to tell the truth about how and why the Essex Boys died. Shortly afterward, the rave scene emerged and clubland was hit by a shit-ton of drugs. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. The criminal world and the psychology of crime is such a vast area and when money is involved they appear to become even more ruthless. Privacy Policy Agreement * Tucker saw my departure and told me if I walked, he'd shoot me. What happened to Malcolm was down to a pathetic argument & threats which got out of hand and the fact that he was murdered in front of his own children was enough to warrant retribution towards the Trettons. His mother, who was pregnant at the time, ended up in prison, where she gave birth to Rolfe.

By this time next month, he’ll be the Godfather of the London underworld, and next year, prime minister of the country and WW2 veteran.

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