He is of white Caucasian ethnicity and his zodiac sign is Virgo. I still don’t have any information regarding a new album release, but I am sure that he is working on something for us as we speak. He began his career on YouTube and he is very famous on the website at the moment. Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper and music producer.

Tom MacDonald (born September 21, 1988) is a Canadian Rapper currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

He can be found on Instagram under the handle hangovergang.

He lives in a luxurious flat in Los Angeles, California, the USA, and has a pet dog as well. On the other hand, when you start to listen to his songs you will be shocked by how different they sound from the way he looks. Let me explain, on one hand, the first impression you get from looking at a picture of  him is that he is just another “white punk”, full of tattoos, piercings, a shaved head and some trendy weird dreads on the top of his head. So our lesson of the day is: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover! He has blue colored eyes, which is much rare but loved by many. He started his career in rapping in 2009.

He has a huge fanbase on social media, which started from his first song “Helluvit”. He is best known for his songs " Whiteboy " and " Straight White Male " which both attracted tons of negative criticism due to the corny and cheesy nature of the songs. Rapper who released the music video for his song "Helluvit" in January 2018. His mom is named Lee Ann MacDonald. Tom is lyrically gifted, he knows exactly how to express his feelings and anger towards drugs, alcohol, women, money and new age rappers. I actually cannot believe this is unironic.

The color of his hair is light brown and he has a rare set of blue colored eyes.

Tom MacDonald stands astoundingly tall with a height of 6 feet and 1 inch.

Uhhhhhhh you really must not have listened to the same song as the rest of the class son… you might want to go see the counselor about the special tests… here is your hall pass t(-_-t). Today although he doesn’t appear as one, he is a defined, skillful and intelligent rapper.

His whole ensemble is irony, he’s trying to make you judge him.

The Rapper Lavishes His Money on His Loved Ones. I’m a minority and you sound like a bitch ass white boy that wants minorities to play the victim, with your white guilt.

Are you guys serious??? I don’t understand how one can think about the level of implicit racism that minorities face in the United States and think that the opinions of some radical social media groups is a worse form of discrimination.

After this, he released See You Tomorrow, Dream People & the Whiskey Wars, Deathreats.

I think that 2018 is going to be his breakout year, with the latest music releases and recognition that he is getting in different media platforms, its definitely his time to level up and shine. The total net worth estimated for Tom MacDonald is in between $500 thousand to $700 thousand US dollars as of now. Family Life. Thomas remains a professional wrestler in this sport and spent much of his teenage years. Tom MacDonald Popularity . Born on September 21 #48. Back on May 15, 2014, Tom started his YouTube career. His father name is not known and his mother name is LeeAnn MacDonald.

The native of British Columbia Tom MacDonald was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With many WWE Super Stars, he also fought on Pay Per View as well.

It is not known if he attended any college after graduating from a local school in Vancouver. But I simply love everyone who pursue Music. His songs tend to still get mixed reviews, hanging more on the bad side. Especially in White Boy he is criticizing the “white people shouldn’t rap” types and his criticism is pretty dang fair. He and Hopsin are both rappers that have used their music to question the status quo of their medium.

“WHITEBOY” is the most famous video on Tom’s channel. “I Hate Hip Hop”, “Fake Fans (DISS)”, “Trying to Kill Me,” “Cloned Rapper,” “Ashes,” “I’m sorry,” “Buttholes,” and several others are several of his latest ventures.

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