The titanic struggle between the two created massive earthquakes and tsunamis. He could blow strong gusts of icy wind and use magic to create tornadoes. Family Member/s

She turned to Tartarus, “the pit,” and with the help of Aphrodite, they were able to produce a child: Typhon. Powers/Skills The battle was hard and Typhon managed to defeat most of the Olympian deities, including Zeus himself by tearing out his sinews. How exactly Typhon's Bane was placed into his eye is unknown. Father of All Monsters

His dragon heads—or his own terrible eyes—could reign fire down upon you. The ancient Greek poets all painted a different picture of Typhon and for good reason. Sealed Form: 1.

Typhon, as Gaea's single most powerful child, has power of apocalyptic proportions, being even stronger and more powerful than any of the Olympians, the Titans, and the giants, making him one of the, if not the most powerful being in all of Greek Mythology with the possible exception of the protogenoi.

Loyalties Furious, blindness didn't prevent Typhon from trying to kill Kratos, as he continued to try to blow the Spartan away. Typhon was a Titan who was imprisoned within Mount Etna by Zeus during the Great War and given a ring, which was then used to chain up Prometheus, thereby keeping him still for the ravenous eagle. Among other horrors, Typhon has been given: a hundred snake heads with eyes that shoot fire; leopard, lion, bull, boar, bear, dragon, and wolf heads; coils of snake tails below his waist; hundreds of arms and hands, with snakes for fingers; hundreds of wings spouting up all over his body; and one pair of huge dragon wings. His whole body was covered in wings, and fire flashed from his eyes. Superhuman Durability 4. Angered by Kratos’ very appearance, the Titan showed his unwillingness to help Kratos and even attempted to kill the former god, but as his arms were still trapped inside the mountain, he had to resort to using his breath to blow the Spartan off the ground and into the caverns below. The second time Typhon awoke in The Last Olympian, a… Kratos had no choice but to walk on some rocky paths while still trying to avoid Typhon's blows. However, Hermes recovers the sinews and restores them to Zeus. With so many monstrous parts packed into one body, Typhon never ran out of ways to attack. His nose grew out like a dog’s snout, his ears were pointed like a donkey, and his eyes flashed fire. Overtime he developed a strong hatred for the Gods due to his imprisonment. He could use his mighty arms to break open mountains, hurling boulders and molten rock down on the villages below. Crimes Chaos (grandmother)Tartarus (father)Gaia (mother) †Echidna (wife)Hydra King (son) †Hydra (grand-daughters) †Cerberus (children)Chimera (daughters)Sphinx (daughters)Nemean Lion (son) † Alias He was known as the "Father of All Monsters"; his wife Echidna was likewise the "Mother of All Monsters.". Some legends say that Gaia, the primordial earth-goddess, was angry when Zeus destroyed her children, the giants. Destroy the Olympians.Slay Zeus.Serve Gaia.

Typhon was the father of most of the monsters in Greek mythology, with the mother being Echidna, the great serpent witch. Huge, venomous, fire-breathing, and as mean as they come, Typhon is the most Titans As if the mountain came to life, Typhon's hand grasped Pegasus, forcing Kratos to descend down into the mountain. His human upper half reached as high as the stars. Those Titans who fought against Olympians were imprisoned and/or punished, while those that either assisted them or stayed neutral were left free. But it’s possible that Typhon has an event older ancestor. Typhon, a Titan with power over the wind, was sealed in the mountains after he was defeated by Zeus. He was so large that his footsteps caused earthquakes. Typhon is an evil creature from ancient Greek mythology that fought the Olympian Gods on behalf of the Titans. If a guilty person had a good heart, they would feel no pain when Typhon obliterated them. In Greek mythology, Typhon, also Typhoeus, Typhaon or Typhos was the son of Gaia and Tartarus, and the most deadly monster of Greek mythology. God of War II God of War III (Voice Only). Appropriately, his name lives on in today’s culture as dreaded natural disaster: the typhoon. He reduced villages to rubble for no reason, slaughtered men and attacked gods just because. All the while, his various other heads, from leopard to boar, would daze you with “his warcry, the cries of all wild beasts together” which was so loud that it echoed through the mountains and loosened boulders.

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