One guy got ahead on his quals.

Whaddayawannabet NCIS is looking over all of his familygrams with a fine tooth comb?WRT the's not so much that they're being misleading as they're being intentionally vague.

Since both homicide and deadly accident have been ruled out, there are only 6 Q&D methods available belowdecks. We discussed this the other day during morning quarters. Nebraska crew members rendered medical assistance before the sailor was taken off the submarine by medevac helicopter, but he died en route to the hospital, said Lt. Kyle Raines, a spokesman with Submarine Group Trident in Silverdale, Wash. Somebody failed to tag something out, perhaps. In doing so, he left ALL of his shipmates victims.

Hopefully, most readers of this blog know that anon @3:16 doesn't speak for any but the snottiest, most elitist of nucs, especially with the "detested the ease of qualifying" remark. Nothing more, nothing less. The Big Red is my husband's old boat and he was there from 2006 to 2008 or there abouts. Just much bigger and the access is a repair dream compared to the almost zero room for repair on the old workhorse 637s. Some of those damn demons that tormented him may come to haunt us. Sad story. Officials offered no other details saying the incident remains under investigation, calling it “an apparent accident” as the Nebraska, which carries Trident ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, was submerged while operating off Oahu. U.S. Navys top civilian and military leadership official biographies and photos.

If this investigation doesn't take a hard look at the micro (local) and macro (Force) qual programs, then it's a waste of time. (If you don't like something on this blog, please E-mail me; don't call me at home.).

how sad to lose another young sailor. BTHaving been on board for the previous suicide, I am astounded to see the situation play out again, and hope that the crew(s) can recover from yet another loss.

Wow..... and they called us "Big Dead" after Scrimiger.

}It must be terrible to be you. For those who knew Mack and chose to ignore things - were you not just a weak and selfish? If not, shame on you for putting that out there where his family might read it. "Qualified in submarines" means exactly that. USS Nebraska (SSBN-739) is the 14th Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, and the second United States Navy ship to be named in honor of Nebraska, the 37th state. Some of us even have an appreciation for the heritage and history of those insignia. Do you know that's what happened? anon@0705,Has it occurred to you yet that the misspelling was a little too obvious, given the rest of the post, and that the poster was perhaps making a (slightly) subtle point about the state of publik education? He was looking forward to it, as far as I know. Taking even one set away is not worth a life. PEARL HARBOR (NNS) -- A Sailor attached to USS Nebraska (SSBN 739) (Blue Crew), died Sept. 20 in an apparent accident aboard the submarine.

Shipmates come together and help your buddies, be a friend. A mental illness is not something to take lightly. It's nothing like a broken bone or physical ailment. They do their jobs, they stand their watches, they might just be your boss. Disclaimer: Perhaps a WA ping is in order? My condolences go out to the family of Fireman William Mack. The ones that talk about it, leave clues are the ones asking for help.

Will was the third sailor to have died an untimely and questionable death while serving on the USS Nebraska in the past five years.

I'm all for compassion, but the dolphins mean, among other things, that you can hack it. By mike_barber on September 24, 2008 at 8:46 AM. Who ended up bending over for that little boo-boo? If a Sailor is assigned to transient status for a broken bone, or an irreversible internal ailment, we don't remove his right to wear the Dolphins. However these records can provide a burial location. What a tragedy!

According to news reports the investigation is still underway. posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its

In a more sensible world, they would be able to get treated by Navy docs and actually be monitored for their condition. Shame, shame!Two suicides on a single boat (with 2 complete crews)? Heartfelt thoughts, prayers and condolences to family friends and shipmates.BTAs for the "Wild thoughts and theories": Read the OPREP-3. has the actual cause of death been confirmed yet? SubIconoclast - good on ya, for bringing things back on track.

A policy needs to change and right now is a good time to change it. That must have been a pleasant day/week/month.

And it's been said already, they are most likely leaving the Navy anyway, why not let them walk away with their chin up?

Turn to you're fellow shipmate and ask what'sup? My question was when were submarine volunteer psych standards last relaxed? Going from any fast boat to a T-hull is a major change in the space category. (I recognize that our recently deceased shipmate in NEBRASKA probably wasn't qualified yet, and the pressure of qualifying may not have had anything to do with his passing; he was on his first patrol. … Several Naval officers were present along with Will's family. (5) Stress reaction, emotional instability, or suicide attempts/gestures. @2:54He didn't ingest anything. let's just hope they find the cause, although, it seems pointless at this time. Thoughts go out to the crew from a plankowner. I know his family personally and the not knowing is even worse when people start speculating about someone they loved and cared for.

A sailor has died aboard the nuclear-powered Navy submarine USS Nebraska off the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Regrading the second incident aboard Nebraska, with the accidental death of the A-ganger in the rudder gear; can someone knowledgeable of the class help me out with something? It is curious that all of these problems have occurred since the boat moved to Bangor. Whatever the cause, it's over now. Of course the true love found out and dropped him like a hot rock.

The only one I ever remember was, do you volunteer subs? Retired after more than 25 years and never had to deal with that scenario! We can now put this thread to rest, so to speak.

It's pretty damn clear what the cause of death is, if you do. Keeping the blogosphere posted on the goings on of the world of submarines since late 2004... and mocking and belittling general foolishness wherever it may be found. The answer has led to suicide (maybe not in this case, but there have been cases). Granted that apparently the command was found lax in some safety enforcement - but wasn't that a little like a highway worker pulling his rig over to the side in the middle of the night, and with no traffic controls sitting in my middle of a freeway to replace some reflectors? My son is on the boat right now and I know there is a lot of pain and sorrow for him and the rest of the sailors. What is the state of mind of those on the Nebraska?

Mack's death was the third such incident to have claimed the life of a crew member of the Nebraska since 2005.

And no he was not a dirt bag, he was a good sailor who had a problem with his legs swelling up underway.

A Watertown, N.Y. news site has some more information, and a better photo, in an obituary for Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael Allen Gentile, the 21-year-old sailor who died Saturday aboard the nuclear powered sub USS Nebraska based across Puget Sound at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor. He would not have been allowed in subs anymore than Major Nidal Hasan should have been kept in the Army.

And there's no way the abusive jerks will know or care if one of their guys is in trouble.

I'm sure that they don't confiscate the pin, anyway - and anyone removed from a boat for those reasons is not likely to remain in the Navy for long either. Maybe they didn't give them in nuc school. My condolences to the family. He said it was premature to discuss what types of investigations will be conducted. My heart goes out to his family and to his fellow shipmates serving on the Nebraska. It was indeed a suicide. We love you Will!!! Every now and again it's possible to run into someone in the Navy who knows things you don't.

Yet we do not take their dolphins away, because they earned them, fair and square, just like you, me, and the theoretical guy who suffers from mental illness or psychological trauma.

"Handle it!....Handle it! "Current research shows that many mental illnesses such as depression and PTSD have physiological mechanisms. mark/mm1(ss)All that you requested is in previous posting on the topic (Sept 2008), discussed in detail. Whatever. I had a buddy on the Maine back in '03 that had his dolphins ripped off of his chest after being submarine disqualified for medical reasons. Regrettably, you'll have to take it on faith that I have seen the devastation that removing them can cause an already weakened shipmate.) Looks like the boat just pulled back into Bagor a couple of hours ago. Nuke School was a lot harder, but I didn't get a pin for that.

There are two categories of disqualification for duty in submarines, one of which must be cited in every disqualification recommendation. Lots of "help" on the pier. As we lift up our prayers for the Mack family during this difficult time in their lives, we also lift up our prayers to the crew of the USS Nebraska and their families. Sailors with depression are just as vulnerable too life-threatening events as Sailors with diabetes, maybe more so. Other reports have referred to his death as murder. is powered by software copyright 2000-2008 John Robinson. I'd never heard the line "Sailor, rest your oar" until noticing Joel's fondness (justified) for it.

Thank you for thinking of the family when you post.

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