US$ 1.700,00, Regular Price: Regular Price: US$ 3.900,00, Special Price US$ 2.799,00, Special Price US$ 9.100,00, Regular Price:

US$ 2.680,00, Regular Price:

US$ 2.555,00, Regular Price:

New Colorful 4/4 3/4 1/2 1/4 1/8 Size Acoustic Violin Fiddle with Case Bow Rosin US$ 1.495,00, Special Price They are hand-assembled by experienced luthiers, which ensures they have the balance and musical integrity professional players require. US$ 4.400,00, Regular Price: We carry the best violin brands such … US$ 3.500,00, Special Price

US$ 3.450,00, Regular Price: US$ 2.890,00, Special Price

Our violin shop offers buyers protection,and personalized customer service. Traditional violin craftsmanship in Cremona, French violin bow - Charles Bazin - blog post. US$ 5.300,00, Regular Price: W 44, Acoustic Violin 4/4 Full Size With Case and Bow Rosin Natural Color, Mendini 4/4MV300 Solid Wood Satin Antique Violin, 4/4 Full Size Handmade Violin Solid Wood Fiddle Case Bow Set With Rosin, Core Select Stradivari Copy 4/4 Violin Concert Tone 1 PC Back M5806, Mendini 4 4 MV-Black Solid Wood Violin with Hard Case Shoulder Rest Full Size, Cecilio CVN-300 Full Size Ebony Fitted Solid Wood Violin with Tuner with Accessories, Mendini Size 4 4 MV-Purple Solidwood Violin Shoulder Rest xtra Strings Case, Cecilio Cvn-200 Solid Wood Violin With Tuner Lesson Book/online Video Size 4/4, Mendini Size 4/4 Mv-pink Solidwood Violin Xtra Strings Case Shoulder Rest, Cecilio Acoustic Electric Violin Antique Varnish Ebony Fitted Cvnae-330, D'Addario Kaplan Premium Dark Rosin With Case KRDD, Master Tone Oil Antique 1pc a Stradivari 1715 Copy T20 Violin Rich Sweet.

US$ 5.500,00, Special Price Some parts may be made of plastic, like the chin rest and the tuning pegs. Discover our selection of fine stringed instruments and bows, offered at the best prices on the international market. We offer free international shipping, professional advice & personalized customer service. US$ 6.499,00, Special Price US$ 7.999,00, Special Price

US$ 12.100,00, Special Price

US$ 14.000,00, Regular Price:

US$ 3.799,00, Regular Price: A violin comprises four strings and is played by drawing a bow across one or … US$ 3.999,00, Special Price

US$ 1.400,00, Regular Price: US$ 1.950,00, Special Price The wood needs to be strong enough to provide an adequate amount of tension for the strings. US$ 3.600,00, Regular Price: US$ 7.995,00, Special Price

US$ 4.500,00, Regular Price: Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Younger children, however, often use smaller instruments and bows that suit their arm length. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Spend $25 more and get free shipping within the US! Instruments designed for professionals are made with fine wood and outfitted with excellent components, like a wooden tailpiece or an ebony fingerboard.

US$ 1.250,00, Regular Price: US$ 2.495,00, Special Price US$ 8.500,00, Regular Price:

A violin is a great starter instrument for a child or adult and the violin is widely taught in schools and through private tuition. US$ 6.250,00, Regular Price: Violins are typically made of the following materials: Choosing the right strings is important for players of all skill levels and music types.

US$ 2.595,00, Regular Price:

US$ 6.000,00, Special Price

Whether you're buying a cheaper violin or an expensive violin, we are thrilled to be able to help you find your dream instrument! US$ 9.400,00, Regular Price: It's an extremely expressive stringed instrument that can be played solo, in string quartets or full orchestras: the versatile violin lends its … They are ideal for students who arent yet ready to invest in a full-size instrument.

We cater to students, hobbyists, as well as professional players. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive product updates, discounts and more.

US$ 9.200,00, Special Price

US$ 1.850,00, Regular Price: US$ 1.900,00, Special Price US$ 1.850,00, Special Price All Rights Reserved. US$ 4.995,00, Special Price US$ 3.700,00, Special Price

View cart for details. US$ 1.800,00, Regular Price:

US$ 12.000,00, Special Price US$ 1.799,00, Special Price

US$ 3.499,00, Regular Price: US$ 1.395,00, Special Price US$ 2.495,00, Regular Price: US$ 4.000,00, Special Price Violins are versatile instruments, used in everything from classical sonatas to bluegrass songs. US$ 5.100,00, Regular Price:

We offer a large collections of fine French violin bows. US$ 3.000,00, Special Price

We guarantee free safe delivery for orders over $25, We will beat or price match any legitimate competitor, We guarantee that you are completely satisfied.

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