Which means they're basically spying on Chicago through super high-tech computer simulations that make you feel like you're there. Anyway, Tris has to go down some portal tunnel thing to blow up the main source of power so the serum stops. There's literally no civilization and everyone's just like, "Well, fuck.". But his expression is like, "Oh, hey guys."

And he effortlessly carries both of their weight up the wall, like gravity doesn't exist. - On a scale of 1 to 10, how OVER IT were the actors of this franchise? Tris wants to go beyond the wall instead of staying in their dystopian Chicago bubble (AKA the experiment city), but Four isn't as convinced. He takes her back to the weird compound, but of course she's mad because he's actually the. Tris should live at the end of the last Divergent movie (Allegiant Part 2). They live happily ever after. They steal a plane, and while it's shot at, Tris manages to make a (relatively) safe landing. The film was initially titled The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1, however, in September 2015, Part 1 was renamed Allegiant and Part 2 as Ascendant. From this point on, it feels like the actors are just...not into it!! He discovers that the missions to "The Fringe" involve stealing kids and wiping their memories, then raising them in the compound. Tris shoots the generator thing and saves the day. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Once everything is settled and Tris is back with her crew, she tells Chicago that there is an entire world outside, informing them of all she's learned since heading over the wall. Peter's still an asshole, I guess. Anyway, this is who they chose to play David. Even though they look very close in age?? Over the last few years, it's established itself as one of the biggest series around, thanks to its all-star cast, led by Shailene Woodley; high-powered action and scary dystopian plots; and of course, the love of millions of viewers, who've driven the movies to be box office successes. When Tris and Four meet back up, he's figured out that he is a Damaged Divergent while she is a Pure Divergent. Four attempts to walk back to Chicago, and at this point it honestly looks like we've entered some kind of zombie horror movie. It moves very fast. But, like, not really. In the middle of Tris's motivational speech, Peter is like, "UM HELLO!!!!!!!" In the hopes of having the serum spread quickly through Chicago, David enlists Tris' frenemy Peter to help, by having him go to Chicago and convince Evelyn, one of the leaders, that it needs to be used.

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