UPDATE: Monday, June 8 -- Carina MacKenzie responded to this story on Twitter to clarify that this was just "an example of hypothetical creative solutions we’ve been pitching for hypothetical COVID-related problems.".

Liz is heartbroken, but happy that he is alive. It is with her involuntary help that he starts to find more clues about his origins.

3rd grade [4] Max explains the events that transpired, and Liz tells him that she needs time away from him to think. 1,856 notes. The two danced in the desert after drinking beer which Liz had obtained using Rosa's fake ID. Max later visits the Crashdown Cafe whilst Liz is closing, and witnesses as Liz is shot in the shoulder. Despite her efforts, Max connects to Rosa and pleads with her to stop Liz and release him from the constant pain he is under. When Liz Ortecho returns to Roswell, her meeting with Max is initially brief when he pulls her over upon entering the town. Max explains that he never liked mint and asked for peanut the first time Liz served him; she misheard and served him mint. Liz & Max

Showrunner Carina MacKenzie discussed creative ways to work social distancing into the show during a virtual panel at ATX TV Festival on Friday.

Liz left for a research opportunity in California after Max destroyed her lab

It’s not just Max and Liz who need to be distanced, though. Max Evans (Jason Behr) Still, the writers room is in full swing, and they have creative ways to keep their actors socially distanced while on set. Married Relationship Liz later questions Alex about the handprint left on her shoulder, and he reveals that he is an alien and shows her the pods he, Michael and Isobel emerged from; Liz promises to keep his secret, and the friendship between the two is solidified. Despite this, Max attempts to bring Rosa back to life and is killed in the process. Max sacrificed his life to bring back Liz Ortecho's sister, Rosa. The characters are portrayed by Jeanine Mason & Nathan Dean Parsons. [9], Liz is unwilling to accept Max's fate and begins researching ways of bringing him back through regenerative medicine. Max and Liz dance together in the desert. When the two kiss, Liz reveals that she cannot change her plans for Max, but he tells her that she doesn't have to, that he will leave with her. 1.13 Recovering the Satellites (season finale), 2.02 Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, https://roswell.fandom.com/wiki/Liz_%26_Max_(1999)?oldid=18105.

Having been in school together since 3rd grade, Liz and Max always knew of each other, but weren't friends.

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