"It was really embarrassing especially when one bloke saw his girlfriend looking at me and threatened to beat me up.

days. McLeod appeared on This Morning in 1996 to promote her role in Peak Practice. Fiona Gillies was the producers' first choice to play Clare Shearer, when the character was introduced in 1997. The crash scene brought back memories of Joseph's own dice with death when the car he was travelling in with his father skidded on some ice and rolled over. The With Gary Mavers, Simon Shepherd, Esther Coles, Margery Mason. Shelagh DVDs and other items related to Joseph's career are included in the Amazon UK link. GMTV also took a look behind the scenes of Peak and Amanda Burton. project 'Bliss'. with Mr T and what it's really like to kiss Simon...... "In fact it was nice the other day when someone used my real name Joe rather than Sam because it's never happened before, people usually just call me Sam.". "People have left other shows, like Peak Practice which lost Kevin Whately, Amanda Burton and then Simon Shepherd, but has remained as popular as ever "There's no reason why that can't happen to Ballykissangel.

appeared on GMTV to talk about the Series 10 cliff hanger and life on Peak "No I don't think modelling's for me, I'd have to give up eating ice-cream for a start.". the pressure of keeping up the PP standard after the departure of Kevin Whately

Copyright © 2019 Joseph Millson | Supporting Joseph Millson since 2006 | Site by Darcylicious, Peak Practice article / interview December 2000, Forum - chat with other Joseph Millson fans, New and Upcoming Releases For the Week of November 2 - BEETLEJUICE Demos, First Song From THE PROM, and More! they appeared on 'Family Fortunes' in May 2001. McLeod announced that she too would be leaving and gave an insight into what "For filming I had to drive straight at the other Land Rover and just miss it," he said. However, their characters were dropped after four episodes had been filmed. Fortunately, Sam suffers nothing more than some bruising and a cut above his eye but he fears the worst when Kerri's legs fail to respond to medical attention. Here they talk about the new series and I'm okay apart from a small cut and being a bit shaken. Gary "Sam is completely wretched after the crash because he feels doubly guilty. Joseph's looks have earned him a few modelling jobs although, as he admits, it's not something he particularly enjoys. Kevin Whately, Sylvia Syms and Simon Shepherd all starred together in the BBC adaptation of Miss Marple: A Murder Is Announced (1985) in 1985.

Days Shepherd appeared on 'Pebble Mill' in 1996 to talk about the fourth series of the pressure of keeping up the PP standard after the departure of Kevin Whately McLeod announced that she too would be leaving and gave an insight into what Click icons to find Joseph Millson social media sites.

Beth Glover and Will Preston are doctors in partnership at a Derbyshire clinic when they hire Jack who's returned from Africa. and Amanda Burton. Mavers and Saskia Wickham appeared on 'Good Morning with Anne and Nick' in 1996 GMTV also took a look behind the scenes of Peak Practice as the cast filmed baby Joe's christening. I never had any big ambitions when I was starting out as an actor so the higher public profile and money has been like an unexpected lottery win. A three-vehicle pile up involving Dr Morgan, played by Joseph Millson, and Beeches physiotherapist Kerri Davidson (Susannah Corbett) leaves Kerri motionless in hospital with an anxious Sam waiting by her side. would take Will and Kate away from Cardale. 'I just hope we can keep up the high standards,' says Saskia. Practice. staying with Peak Practice and spoke about Andrew and Erica's future together. Then again, we're probably at least a year away from having children if we're lucky enough to be able to have them.". Practice. Wales Millennium Centre and Wiltshire Creative are about to … The chilling cliffhanger comes at the end of a dramatic series which has seen the departure of Andrew Attwood (Gary Mavers) and the return of the equally popular Simon Shepherd as Preston. Remind yourself of the memorable On Gary Watch these interviews and many other Peak Practice videos on our YouTube Channel  here. after the death of Joanna. google_ad_width = 728; Not only has he kept a vital family secret from Kerri since the start of the current series, but the crash was his fault because he took his eyes off the road as they were arguing at the time," says Joseph.

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