When Alway left, Alan McGee of Creation Records joined Blanco y Negro. Dead Neighbours was an early-1980s psychobilly band from Grangemouth, Scotland, originally consisting of Craig Lorentson (vocals), David Steel (bass), Ronnie Buchanan (guitar), and Grant McDowall (drums). Thankfully he said yes, and a day later he was bashing through a rough set in our rehearsal hall in the local high school.

In 1989, the band's third album, Godhead was released. However, all was dependent upon our next option with Working Music and Chappell being exercised to fund the sessions.

Lowlife are infant and suggestive and, with care, could nurture a rare beauty". The strange dichotomy which always existed was this. The Moon and the Melodies is a studio album resulting from the collaboration between the members of Scottish dream pop band Cocteau Twins and the American minimalist composer Harold Budd. It was the last release to feature original bassist Will Heggie. Released in 1987, the album received extremely positive reviews and is generally considered to be the band's finest full-length effort. Despite being out of the limelight for so long the reviews, as ever, were uniformly good: "It's a fine record, but still distanced from the mainstream, still occupying a territory all of its own..they deserve to be recognised as something really special" (Tom Lappin / The Scotsman), "Inevitably though, Lowlife are most profound when they are devastatingly desolate. For Lowlife the tour was a great success, finishing with a triumphant show at the Town & Country Club in London on the 10th, playing possibly the best set of their career so far and earning a resounding ovation. Will also decided (after some persuasion from me) to get involved more on the label side, also doing some low key distribution for other small labels, some highlights of which were introducing UK audiences to the likes of Slint, Blake Babies, Julianna Hatfield and the U-Men via some direct import export. In 1983, Steel left the Dead Neighbours in the middle of recording the band's second album, Strangedays/Strangeways. Immediately after departing the Cocteau Twins, he helped form Lowlife and played bass with them from 1983 to 1997. One of the very best things that came to me during our time with Nightshift was having the opportunity to become friends with Will Heggie (Lowlife’s Bass player). The band started undergoing a level of internal strife. I knew them quite well and rated them highly. Bit of a shame this band didn't release more. Garlands is the debut studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Cocteau Twins, released 1 September 1982 on 4AD. 63 on the UK Albums Chart. ", Subsequent to the release of Diminuendo, the group underwent a lengthy UK tour as support to headliners The Go-Betweens. We're not saying it's a Best Of, rather it's an introduction and reflection of what the band were all about. It featured the band's signature sound of "Guthrie’s lush guitars under Fraser’s mostly wordless vocals" and is considered an archetype of early ethereal wave music. Who needs a middle eight when the sum total is this evocative" (Lesley O'Toole / Record Mirror). It was released on 17 September 1990. This was because the heavy use of effects pedals meant the performers were often looking down at the readouts on their effects pedals during concerts.

Will Heggie is a Scottish musician.

In July of 2007, Low Life… Very cool. It was released 10 November 1986 by 4AD. Gush was released in the UK late in 1995, and six months later in North America.

The other was Dead Neighbours, once described by Sounds as "Scotland's answer to The Cramps". Upon learning that Cocteau Twins founding member and bassist Will Heggie had recently departed that band (after a lengthy and reportedly difficult European tour), Guthrie asked Heggie to help Dead Neighbours out in finishing the album's recording, and join them on a tour opening for Johnny Thunders.

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