The Ccrate training method ensures that your dog does not have accidents when in the house as well as giving your dog a place to retreat, rest or nap.

Ensure you have trained him to interact with larger dogs before taking him to a dog park. Clean the outer ear with a dampened cotton ball. Energetic, lively, playful, and affectionate. The Yorkie Poo Club website is a place for all things Yorkie Poo! He is intelligent and does not shy away from agility, obedience or performance competition. Don't punish her if she makes a mistake inside.

Some factors influence the Yorkiepoo temperament. This can be a sign of infection. Training; Behavioral problems; How to Train an Aggressive Yorkie - Tips & Tricks; How to Train an Aggressive Yorkie - Tips & Tricks. To keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy you need to groom your dog daily.

9. She is now a writer on various outdoor sports such as snowboarding, skiing, surfing and bodysurfing. See files for Dogs. A daily walk or run outside will give him enough exercise for his well being. The crossbreed of the two, the Yorkie poo, will catch on to potty training quickly with a little positive reinforcement and a consistent training schedule. Do you have a Yorkie Poo you would like to tell us about? Yorkiepoos are sweet dogs to live with. All Rights Reserved, 12 Amazing Facts About Miniature Poodle Dog, Funniest Pomeranian Puppies Video Compilation, « 12 Interesting Facts about Miniature Chihuahuas. Check out our Yorkie-poo photos to see the latest grooming styles.

Take him for a walk around the neighbourhood and let him go with you to the on suitable errands so that he can polish up his social skills.

The crossbreed of the two, the Yorkie poo, will catch on to potty training quickly with a little positive reinforcement and a consistent training schedule.

He is gentle, playful, affectionate and intelligent. The Yorkipoo is gentle and does well with children however he can be jumpy or enjoy a good bark so it is best to stay close. Your dog cannot hold himself too long when he’s young and you cannot allow him to poo inside the crate. A Yoodle is a cross puppy otherwise known as a Yorkiepoo, or a Yorkapoo and is a combination of the wonderful Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle. You can trim the hair near his eyes so that it does not irritate his eyes. They are a great companion for those who suffer from dog allergies.

The main goal of this is to produce a Yorkipoo with more consistent desired traits. Rating: 4 (1 vote) 1 comment .

While Potty training a Yorkie is a tricky task, Proper knowledge and training strategies can make things easy for you. Although the Yorkie-poo is small in size, it certainly doesn’t seem like he is aware of this bit of information!

Praise and affection serve the same purpose if you want to cut back on treats. He can launch himself at bigger dogs (and from experience this can prove disastrous). For the sake of this website we will be mixing it up a little to see what people prefer. The Yorkipoo produces very little dander. With positive and consistent training he makes a fantastic companion.

Now before we continue, we would like to ask you to read the previous part about training a Yorkie to pee and poo outside, in case you skipped it.

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